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Smith Family History Items

Mainly relating to forebear's service in the armed forces and their experiences overseas in the Great War

Gunner Ernest Alfred Smith, No. 49069

A British Army Regular 1907 to 1919 in the Royal Field and Royal Horse Artilleries

Serjeant Edwin Edward Smith, No. 558038

A Territorial soldier in the Royal Engineers in The Great War, killed at Cambrai in November 1917

World War 1 Silk Postcards

Embroidered silk postcards sent home by family servicemen in WW1 to mark birthdays etc

Rangoon Days 1920-1931

Ernest Smith: living, working and raising a family in Rangoon, Burma (present day Yangon, Myanmar).

Smith Genealogy

Smith family roots in London and the Black Country, especially Spear and Hale connections

A Tangled Web - Smith, Spear, Hale and Pitt

Researching my grandmother's cousin who died in the Great War, plus a relative by marriage.

Smith Genealogy - Part 1 - Paternal Side

Researching my father Frank E. Smith's parents and their forebears


Recent holidays

Australia 2016

A three-week trip to Australia, celebrating several 60th birthdays!


Mainly relating to driving skills and sports car enthusiasms

Toyota GT86

Two years on - a review of the GT86

Books on Driving

A selection of recommended books on driving skills etc

Music Making

Mainly relating to playing acoustic guitar etc - NB: Best viewed in Google Chrome

Acoustic Guitar I

Strumming basics to help with learning to play guitar

Acoustic Guitar II

Pick bass strumming (altbass) and some contrasting simple rhythm styles

RC Slope Soaring

Building radio-controlled model gliders and slope soaring them in the Staffordshire Moorlands

RC Flying Wings

Building and flying Ninja RC slope soarers in 2015

RC Flight Sim

Creating bespoke RC slope soarers for use in CRRCsim flight simulator software